Kos is a paradise for tourists, with its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and plethora of activities to keep you busy. Here is our guide to the 10 best things to do in Kos island, from relaxing on the beach to exploring its medieval streets. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste on this beautiful Greek island.

Ruins of Asklepion

The ruins of Asklepion, located in the turquoise waters of Greece, offer a stunning backdrop to explore the remains of an ancient healing and spiritual centre. Built in 400BCE by Asklepios, Ares’ son and the Greek God of medicine, Asklepion was renowned throughout Ancient Greece as a miraculous place full of gods and powerful healers. Over two thousand years later, visitors can still explore these gods-touched walls and lush greenery while imagining how sanctuary-goers sought their physical and spiritual cures here. Within these ruins are columns, statues, temples and vast gardens perfect for appreciating its awe-inspiring history that was once home to some of the world’s most advanced doctors.

Roman city of Kos

One of the great, if lesser known, cities of the Roman Empire is Kos. Located in what is now Greece and situated on the east coast of the beautiful Dodecanese Island, Kos offers visitors a unique opportunity to travel back in time and explore what life was like during the mid-time of Rome. Magnificent ruins dot the city all around, with many structures still standing tall, like the Ancient Agora, a plaza which has remained basically unchanged since its original building. Plus, many other historic sites can be seen throughout the city such as temples and fortresses which provide ample insight into how locals lived their daily lives during those times. With its rich history and stunning sights, visiting Kos is sure to be a memorable experience anyone would enjoy!

Agios Fokas Beach (Psalidi)

Agios Fokas Beach, or Psalidi Beach as it’s also known, is a slice of paradise located on the island of Kos. It’s a small, sheltered beach that features crystal clear waters surrounded by lush greenery. From here you can catch beautiful views of the neighboring coastlines and even spot Turkey in the background on a clear day. For those looking to explore, the nearby Psalidi village has plenty to offer – take a stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets and visit the local bars and restaurants for some genuine Greek hospitality. Any time spent at Agios Fokas Beach is sure to be memorable; so don’t forget your sunhat and grab your swimsuit for a perfect day out!

From Kos to Kalymnos daytrip

Taking a day trip from Kos to Kalymnos is an ideal way to experience the best of both islands. Starting in bustling Kos, you can take the ferry to Kalymnos of a lifetime. Stair-stepped mountain villages, whitewashed monasteries, and beaches that overflows with character await you upon arriving. A stroll along one of the island’s pathways will bring you up close and personal with spongers carrying their wares – a dreamy picture of traditional Greece. Stunning coastal views are plentiful, painting the perfect background for memorable lunch and dinner stops at seafood tavernas serving up freshly caught fish dishes and classic Greek recipes. This daytrip can culminate back on Kos with breathtaking sunsets – an unforgettable reminder of your time on these two charming Dodecanese islands.

Hike in Mount Dikaios

A visit to Mount Dikaios is an absolute must for those seeking a nature escape. Located in the gorgeous Greek countryside, this vast mountain range packs a powerful punch – stunning scenery and a wealth of outdoor activities. Take on challenging trails leading up the summit and take in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea below. Relax with a picnic by the crystal clear alpine lakes or explore an abundance of lush forests, full of wildlife and isolation. With numerous paths for all skill levels, becoming one with nature has never been easier – let your worries slip away amongst its majestic peaks!

Plaka forest

Plaka forest, located on the north-eastern most side of Greece, is a sight to behold. Boasting impressive rocky precipices and calm, crystal clear lakes, it’s not hard to understand why the locals would flock here during cooler months. The forest is full of history and remains one of the country’s untouched gems due to its remoteness. Take a day trip out to Plaka forest and you won’t regret it; take in the sights, enjoy a picnic lunch by one of their mesmerizing and serene pools, or venture out for some adventure – whatever your choice may be, you’re guaranteed unique and tranquil moments that will leave you wanting more.

From Kos to Bodrum

Visiting the enchanting city of Bodrum is like stepping back in time. It’s serene cobblestoned streets, i ntricate architecture, rolling green hills, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea provide visitors to Turkey a cultural experience unlike any other. The trip from Kos Island to Bodrum is an absolute must if you’re seeking a glimpse into traditional Turkish life. The approximate two-hour boat journey is made all the more enjoyable by the turquoise waters and gentle breeze that accompany you along your voyage. Once you arrive in Bodrum, prepare to be stunned by its grandeur – no matter how many times you’ve visited this breathtaking city, it never fails to welcome guests with open arms!

Tigaki beach

Tigaki beach is often described as the jewel of the island of Kos, Greece. The stunningly clear water creates a beautiful setting, with a thin strip of golden sandy beach and rocks stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea. This paradise is surrounded by picturesque rock formations, as well as providing great views over to Turky. Enjoy unforgettable sunsets on this calm and quiet stretch of beach, perfect for lounging in a hammock or going for a swim in the crystal clear waters. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels to quaint local guest houses, so there is something for everyone looking to relax and unwind in this historic location. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Tigaki Beach today!

Eleftheria Square

Eleftheria Square is a central landmark of the bustling city of Nicsos. Located in the heart of the city with views of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s always filled with vibrant energy. It was built in 1939 to commemorate freedom from colonial rule, and from then on has been an important cultural site for residents and tourists alike. The area around Eleftheria is home to breweries, pubs, restaurants and stores offering traditional Greek goods – so you can find all you could ask for right here! With its iconic monuments and mesmerizing sunsets, no visit to Nicsos is complete without taking a stroll through Eleftheria Square!

Hippocrates Tree

The Hippocrates Tree is a stunning sight located on the island of Kos, Greece. It is estimated to be over 2,400 years old and it is considered one of the oldest living trees in the world. Its namesake comes from the legendary Greek physician Hippocrates, and according to legend, Hippocrates himself once taught his students underneath its branches. The tree has survived numerous earthquakes and disasters since its planting, making it especially revered. Tourists flock to this beautiful area for a glimpse of ancient Greek heritage and to take in this special piece of history nestled among the rolling hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re looking for a unique photo opportunity or just want to experience ancient beauty surrounded by nature, a visit to the Hippocrates Tree is sure to enrich your travels through Greece!

Kos is an incredible location for traveling, where history and modern-day beauty come together to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient ruins or camp in Plaka forest, it has something for everyone. From the majestic Mount Dikaios to the nearby city of Bodrum, there are numerous daytrips to take and sights to discover. We could not leave out the Asklepion Ruins, Agios Fokas Beach (Psalidi) and Tigaki beach, as well as Eleftheria Square and Hippocrates Tree — each of these locations offers something special that adds to the wonderful enjoyment of Kos. From its eternal sands and stories of mythology, to its vibrant colors and sunsets, Kos is the perfect destination for travelers looking for more than just a good time.